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Michele Says:

My daughter loved the horses and being with the other kids and counselors, but it appears that Val made quite an impression on her. It is easy to understand this as I could see how wonderfully she interacted with the girls. She cried for about 20 minutes on the way home and then last night when I put her bed at 10:00 and heard that she was crying - all she could say was "I miss Val".

[Anonymous] Says:

Majestic Arabians was an incredible experience. Val and her hands are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and experienced people. I went once and would gladly go back again and again and again! Majestic Arabians is a wonderful place for any horse-crazy kid, no matter the experience level because there is always someone there to help. The only way to improve it is to be there all year round!

Ava F. Says:

I am 13 and I have been going to the Majestic Arabians Ranch camps since 2009, and love every second of the time that I am there. Val is amazing at what she does through giving lessons, running the camps and her ranch. She has improved my riding greatly and strengthened my relationship with God.

Carolyn Says:

My daughter loves horses, and Val loves God. When you put the two together in a horse camp situation, where Val has the expertise to teach youngsters to ride, it becomes an unforgettable experience for the student. Val has a teacher's heart, both for horses and to show the campers the love of God. In my opinion there is no better place to leave a young lady for a week during the summer.

[Anonymous] Says:

I have attended three camps at Majestic Arabians over the past two summers. I have also taken winter lessons from Val. Until I went to camp I had never ridden English. During my second summer, at the all English camp, I was jumping two feet on a barrel racing horse. That was fun and challenging. I also attended the Western camp this past summer and took my own horse to ride. We both learned a lot that week. My experiences at camp were great. I made many new friends and learned so much. Spending so much time with the horses, friends and God all at once was awesome. Val and staff made things tons of fun while teaching us so much about God, horses and ourselves. Thanks Val for the great times.

[Anonymous] Says:

I have known Valerie for over 11 years and know firsthand how much she enjoys working with kids and animals. Her prices are fair and with smaller camps it allows for more one on one time. She really loves what she does and is good at it and seeing firsthand the light that shines in the kids eyes in priceless.

Brittney A. Says:

Majestic Arabians is a place where you can get the skills you need and have fun doing it. It provided me with a place to grow personally too. A safe and loving environment to thrive in. I am so thankful that I got the honor of working for a boss like Valerie Weiss, and at a place like Majestic Arabians. As well as helping me grow in my riding and teaching abilities, it has helped me in many other ways too. A place to have fun, to work to my full ability, and grow spiritually and emotionally. Making me a stronger person, and giving me life skills that I know I can apply in my everyday life. I am so thankful that I could have the privilege of working at Majestic Arabians Ranch.

Tania M. Says:

My daughter has attended camp at Majestic Arabians for the past two summers as well as taken lessons there. Val has been a great friend and mentor to my daughter and taught her so much. I have really appreciated Val's enthusiasm for teaching kids both about the horses and about God.
I love the way Val really gets to know each of her campers/students personally and is available to talk to them at any time if the need it, even when not at camp or lessons.

T.O. Says:

I have been to Majestic Arabians camp 4 times and have been impacted physically, emotionally and, most importantly, spiritually. Val has helped me to be confident in my riding and horse handling as well as to apply God's Word in my life. It is a safe and wonderful environment for all the kids who go! She always keeps things fun, and steadily progresses us in riding and horse sense. I love Val, all the wonderful helpers, and horses at Majestic Arabians Ranch.

Rebecca Says:

Thanks for spending so much time with us and giving us your knowledge of horses.

Don Albers Says:

Val provides a wonderful experience for the children that is safe, loving, productive and fun-filled. The campers never seem to be ready to come home when the parents arrive! Our daughter has loved every minute of her camp experience and it is always the first thing to go on our calendar when our family is making summer plans! Thank you Val!

Daniel P

I have helped the summer camps for two years now and I have volunteered as the male camp councillor. One of the experiences that I have enjoyed is each kid gets a good portion of riding time and has the opportunity for some one on one time with Valerie. Each kid gets their horse which they are responsible for. So they have to catch, brush and tact up their horse and when everyone is ready we head out too the arena. Since there is always more than one staff member in the arena at one time the situation can be better monitored and accidents better avoided. Valery also does theory with the kids in the barn. learning how to read your horse,parts of their tat and how to take care of the tact and their horse. the outdoor arena is nice but only when the weather cooperates. An indoor arena would provide better riding conditions and wouldn't be gambling on the weather. for instance one time we had a week when it rained off and on pretty hard for three days strait the arena was full of mud and the kids didn't get as much riding time in as they normally would. we spent most of our time in the lodge doing theory and various other activities. all in all working at the ranch has been a very enjoyable experience and i will continue to recommend Valery and her services as well as work the camps she provides.

Nicole Says:

19, on a travel visa from Germany
I came to Val's Ranch and a dream comes true. I was the first helper on her ranch and it was great!
The most experience on the Ranch I got at the Christian horse camps. I worked with kids at the Christian horse camp, which was completely new for me. Working with kids and animals together is a big responsibility.
I met new friends, friends for my life! I know that I'll come back to the ranch and I'm proud to be part of the Majestic Arabians Ranch!! I learned a lot for the rest of my life and I will never forget this wonderful time!!

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