Welcome to Majestic Arabians Ranch!

We are located 45 minutes Northwest of Red Deer, Alberta in Rimbey. We are pleased to say that we have many wonderful horses here of various breeds including purebred Egyptian Arabian, Part-Bred Arabian, Arabian-Quarter Horse (Quarab) and American Paint.

Founded in 2006, Majestic Arabians Ranch endeavours to raise horses suitable for work, pleasure and sport. To form the basis of our operation, we diligently sought out horses of the finest pedigree and take pleasure in the evident intelligence, graceful athletic ability, willingness to please, great disposition and conformation in our horses.


Owner-operator Valerie Weiss has been riding horses since the tender age of two years. Raised on a cattle ranch she learned how to train and show horses, work with cattle, brand, rope, calve-out and much more. Most summers were spent at other horse camps teaching children how to ride and train their horses.

Valerie feels it a blessing and joy to work with children and in addition to having taken courses in parenting and early childhood development, was a day care provider from 1998-2003 and a First Aid Instructor for the Canadian Red Cross for eight years. Currently, Valerie is taking courses in Pastoral Theology/Counselling Ministry as she works toward her degree in the same at Beacin University in Columbus, Georgia under the CLEN organization. Valerie has a genuine passion for children and animals and desires to combine the two and fulfill a calling she feels to minister to children through teaching them about horses at the ranch she has built with her husband, Chuck Weiss.

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